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In the year 2002 while praying around Easter time... 

In the year 2002 while praying around Easter time, God gave Paul an Idea to reclaim Easter for Jesus Christ by producing Chocolate Easter Lambs instead of the overcommercialised traditional bunnies, chickens and eggs, which have nothing to do with the true purpose of Easter.

An idea began to form and soon a complete message was jotted down on a writing pad, unfortunately that is where it remained for over a year.

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In 2003 Paul married Jenneane and shared the vision... 

In 2003 Paul married Jenneane and shared the vision of 'Why the Lamb' with her, she immediately and enthusiastically caught a hold of the dream and so they two being one set out to see what could be done.

They tell the story;

Firstly we approached a plastic injection company in Kewdale WA who loved the concept of Why the Lamb despite them not being believers. At first they thought they would be able to get their graphic designer to draw the lamb and have their machines produce a plastic mould suitable for manufacturing chocolate Lambs. However they came back to us and informed us it was beyond them and that we would need us to supply a solid sculptured lamb figurine for them to model a mould from.

Over the next 6 months we searched many curio shops and toy stores, both in Australia and abroad and even investigated having a wood sculptor produce a carving all to no avail. We collected a number of small lamb toys, figurines and fridge magnets, but could not find the lamb model we wanted.

What we did find however was an incredible openness to the message of 'Why the Lamb' we had an overwhelming response and were greatly encouraged that God would use our products to reach the lost, both the Christian world and the general population received the message with an open and curious mind, and just the idea alone gave us many opportunities to share our faith.

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By Easter 2004 we had been slowly working behind the scenes... 

By Easter 2004 we had been slowly working behind the scenes progressing along the road to getting moulds made, but keeping the idea strictly a secret until we had registered the design, when during an Easter service our own local Pastor, Pastor Gerry McCoy, being led by the Spirit, Prophesied and declared to the whole congregation: "Someone should come up with a creative idea to produce chocolate crosses or something, instead of the bunnies etc". As you can guess we were flabbergasted and went to the Pastor confessing we had already had the idea and were well on the way to producing Chocolate Lambs carrying the gospel message.

In spring 2004 while not really frustrated but certainly a little disillusioned with the slow progress of finding a suitable lamb model, we happened across another plastic injection company in Belmont, right next door to a local chocolate manufacturer, we decided to ask them for their help, they informed us of a new computer program which can take a photograph and stretch it to make a 3 dimensional image suitable for making a mould. While they did not have the program themselves they introduced us to the Perth Mint. That same day we made an appointment and went to see a Mr John Gardner of the Perth Mint.

Jenneane tells the story;

"We were not expecting to be going to the Perth Mint that day as we were babysitting our Granddaughter Trinity who was 2 at the time; we made our way through the security with Trinity, her teddy and blankey. Mr John Gardner met us at the security gate and gave the three of us safety glasses to wear; he very kindly received us and the idea of 'Why the Lamb'. Upon leaving the Mint, Trinity was passed through the security to the front, while Paul and I had to take off our shoes, belts, jewellery etc. and go through a metal detector. We think that God may have used our cute 2 year old granddaughter as well as the Why the Lamb message to soften the hearts of the Mint staff towards us and give us favour, as they offered to help us achieve our goal of creating a plastic mould for free, which we know would normally have cost a great deal, thank you Jesus, and thank you Mr Gardner.

We came out with a new task, we had to get a perfect side on portrait photograph of a lamb that could be used for the CAD person to design the mould. And so we set out to capture some prime lamb pictures. The difficulty we faced was capturing a perfect side on picture of a lamb, since lambs are very curious and every time they see you they turn their heads, and run."

We went on a number of excursions around various Western Australian country towns. To Williams, Narrogin, Pingelly, Beverley, Mundijong. Finally after weeks of jumping fences, chasing lambs around paddocks, meeting shearers and farmers, and scaring sheep we found a perfect little lamb at a tourist farm especially for baby animals called Tumblegum farm in Byford. The staff at Tumbulgum farm were very helpful and rounded up the lambs and held them while we snapped pictures.

Finally we had our pictures and returned to the Mint, once again they were extremely helpful and developed a design and made a master mould for us to make our plastic moulds from.

Next we found a vacuum forming Package Company, who not only were able to make a mould for the chocolateer to work with, but also made our plastic pop together packages, we now only had less than one month before Easter.

Still we had many trials and tests to overcome and satan did his level best to stop the project getting off the ground altogether. We had power cuts, strikes, engineering problems, personal injury accidents. Delay upon delays. With only 2 ½ weeks to go we finally received our moulds and the chocolateer went into action.

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In 2005 our first year of production... 

In 2005 our first year of production we marketed the lambs only to our local churches in the Rockingham/Kwinana area south of Perth and to one large church in the City of Perth. Orders came rushing in.

With less than one week to go before Easter we both had an idea to make available some gift packs for Sonshine Christian Radio to give away. Sonshine were very interested in our project and wanted to Interview Paul. The Thursday before Easter at 7:30am I spoke on the radio about our vision, after that interview the phone rang off the hook, over 1000 orders were placed within a couple of hours.

Christians and Non- Christians everywhere were blessed and excited to finally have something other than the overcommercialised bunnies and eggs to give at Easter. Now they had something that represented Jesus. You see the problem has been people want to give to their loved ones, especially their children, chocolate, but they had the conflicting inner knowledge that bunnies and eggs were not glorifying to God and probably have their origins in pagan festivals rather than Christ.

One interstate contact we had wanted to place an order of 20,000 but we were simply not geared up for that size of production.

And so in our first year although a bit hectic and chaotic due to lack of time, we were very blessed to know that the gospel concerning the Lamb of God had gone out to approximately 2000 people. Compassion had been blessed. And we had been able to put the Purpose back into Easter for so many people.

In June 2005 we attended Hillsong Conference in Sydney and while there we were introduced to Chris Perry the owner of 'Numinos' a creative design company which specialises in the creation of Brand names, Logos etc. They have been responsible for the creation of the Gloria Jeans coffee chain Branding and some of Hillsongs branding also. We appointed them to come up with a New Brand Image for Why the Lamb?. This was completed in December 2005 and new gift packaging was ordered to carry this Branding, we have kept the original message given to Paul word for word as we feel it was Holy Spirit Inspired and should not be messed with.

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In the year 2006 we have also leased new premises... 

In the the year 2006 we have also leased new premises for the production of the lambs. We now have modern health department approved premises with plenty of facilities, cool rooms and dry storage rooms also.

Last year a number of people expressed their desire to see a children's book produced to explain the purpose of Why the Lamb? It was also in Paul's heart do this, and so he worked on the book for almost 6 months. A chance meeting of an old Pastor friend led to a young Illustrator being contacted, Mr Dave Bolt, and so was formed a friendship and partnership to publish a book. In February 2006 Lamb print of all places successfully bid for the printing rights and the book "Why the Lamb?" became a reality, ready for the Easter 2006 season.

Paul also recorded an Audio book to go along with the book. Paul has been a singer/songwriter for almost 30 years and the story is written in a poetic style format with a pleasant rhythm and rhyme to it. The book is available as a CDROM separately, (which can be read on your computer) or as a bonus gift when purchasing the Book.

Our Faith is in Jesus, who commissioned us to take the gospel to the uttermost parts of the world. This year we are expanding our target field to the eastern states of Australia and hopefully next year internationally.

Please pray with us that the Lord will continue to use our products mightily as tools to help open up avenues of communication for the gospel to be shared, that many souls will be saved, and Jesus be glorified.

Easter 2006 ended wonderfully with over 8000 lambs and 600 of the new children’s books being distributed. Word Bookstore carried both our lambs and books for the first time. Many other WA Bookstores also stocked our products, and we are pleased to say all pretty much sold out of lambs.

A number of Churches used the lambs as a means of outreach to their neighbours and communities with tremendous success, New Life Community in Fremantle particularly touched the lives of a large number of people with over 1300 lambs distributed by them. Many other churches sold and distributed the lambs either as a means of fundraising and/or evangelism. The beauty of our products is we can be spreading the fragrance of Christ whilst Fundraising for other church or school projects, and blessing the work of Compassion Australia all at the same time.

Why the Lamb, donated all left over 2006 stock to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and over the Easter weekend the YWAM team hit the streets of North Bridge, Perth, with Chocolate Easter Lambs and a gospel message for those they came in contact with. The general consensus/feedback was it was a tremendous blessing to them to have a tool that was able to communicate the Love of Christ and help open peoples hearts to the gospel. Read the Why The Lamb? Testimonies

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The year 2007, saw a number of innovations to our products... 

The year 2007, saw a number of innovations to our products, Firstly we improved the quality of our Milk Chocolate, we had been using Cadbury's Compound Chocolate but changed our ingredients to be Cadbury's Fine Couverture Chocolate, the difference being the new Chocolate contains No Vegetable Fat, but rather Cocoa Butter, resulting in a more creamier and better tasting chocolate.

Also this year we have contracted Whistlers Chocolateers to manufacture our Lambs, Whistlers is an old Western Australian Family Business, they have a great factory and hold to a very stringent health and cleanliness policy. The lambs will still be hand made, and for the first time we will be introducing DARK CHOCOLATE lambs to our range of products.

Some of the best news this year for us is that finally our products will be available Australia Wide through WORD Bookstores, WORD have contracted to carry our lambs and other products in all their major Stores from Mid February on. Why the Lamb will be doing limited Radio Advertising in Each State to support these sales.

With the increased sales comes increased work and one area which needs plenty of work is folding boxes. This year we contracted "The Active Foundation", sheltered workshop, and they have folded some 10,000 boxes so far, we expect to be doing over 30,000 lambs this year God Willing. We are pleased to be able to offer them active and meaningful employment. God bless you guys.

Our son Joel Moylan and his American wife Sally, are based in Virginia USA coaching tennis and teaching, they have expressed their desire to be involved in Reclaiming Easter for Christ in that nation also, so we are working towards that goal. Keep you posted.

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In 2008 we were delighted to finally see the introduction of our New Large 150gm Lamb... 

We are delighted to introduce our New Large 150gm Milk Chocolate Lamb. After many years and a long manufacturing process our Large lamb is finally ready. The New Mould has been made in Belgium by "Chocolate World" and their Australian distributors "Richard Foot" have been very helpful throughout the Process. We have taken great care to retain the original powerful gospel message on our new packaging. The New Lamb comes in a Glossy Gift Box which includes a large clear PVC viewing window.

This year we have also made a few changes in our manufacturing processes. The Price of Chocolate Worldwide has escalated by about 50% yet we have still managed to keep our recommended retail price the same this year. We have now contracted "The Fremantle Chocolate Factory" to make our original solid 50 gm lambs, whilst retaining "Whistlers" to make our New Large Hollow 150gm Lambs; they are experts in using the New Hollow Spinning Mould. We are blessed to have the benefit of the commitment and expertise of both well established Perth Chocolateers.

Probably the most exciting development for Why the Lamb? this year is the introduction of our products into the USA. Family Christian Stores, who have over 300 Stores Nationwide in the USA have placed an order for distribution to 125 of their Stores as a test market for this first year.

We have seen our prayers answered in amazing ways to get the go ahead for exporting into the USA. We came up against many blocked doors but God cleared the way miraculously in the end. We continue to seek international Patents, Design Registrations and Trademarks, please pray for this completion.

With the expected expansion in the US next year, Joel and Sally Moylan our children in USA are now enrolling in Chocolateer courses, with the view that we may begin our own chocolate Factory in that Nation in the future.

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In 2009, 'Why the Lamb?' was affected by the global economic crises... 

Like most businesses, 'Why the Lamb?' has been affected by the global economic crises, with manufacturing costs of packaging and freight increasing significantly over the last year. This has unfortunately had the run on effect of causing our Recommended Retail Prices to increase. The Good News however is, we have managed to keep our Online Bulk Purchase Price (6 or More Lambs) unchanged from last year and we have only had a Slight Increase to the Fundraising Prices.

After running at a loss for over 4 years we think it wise to turn that around. After careful deliberation and prayer we have decided to scale back our production and discontinue consignment sales. Although we are as keen as ever to see the Word proclaimed, if we don't become profitable we will not be able to continue to spread the good news Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Last year our launch into USA did not go as well as hoped with the shipment experiencing some weather induced discolouration (blooming in the Chocolate). However we still managed to sell around 1000 lambs through Family Christian Stores. We will continue to knock on doors and believe they will open again in the near future. Sally our daughter in law finished her Chocolateer Course and is now fully qualified to make Chocolate Lambs in the USA; however we have not located suitable premises yet. Please join us in prayer the Lord will make a way, but this year USA looks like a no go.

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Succesful Launch of 'Why the Lamb?' in USA in 2010... 

Eureka! At last we are pleased to announce that 'Why the Lamb?' is up and running in USA. Our son and daughter in law (and new baby Makayla) have answered the call and have said: here we are send us! Sally completed her Chocolateer course last year with flying colours. We have exported some lamb molds to her, and after purchasing a new tempering machine, is up and running manufacturing chocolate lambs in Lynchburg Virginia USA. After an inspection of their premises, Joel and Sally were stoked to receive FDA Health Dept approval to operate a chocolate manufacturing business as a home cottage business.

This first year of manufacturing in USA will be limited as to the quantity made, by how many empty boxes they have on hand. Yet we rejoice in the day of small beginnings.

We would like to thank all those who have caught the vision of Why the Lamb? You have helped us, and in some cases run faster than us, in proclaiming Easter is not about bunnies and eggs but it is about Jesus Christ and Him crucified, well done team, we greatly appreciate your zeal in serving the Lord. You know who you are. We look forward to your continued involvement.

Love Paul and Jenneane

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2011 Saw steps of Faith and Success for Why the Lamb?... 

In 2011 we were able to raise a significant amount for Compassion Australia through the sale of our products, as you know 50c from the sale of every lamb is donated to Compassion who use the money raised in their Child Survival Program. In the past 2 years 'Why the Lamb?' has donated some $6000 to this wonderful ministry. Each year new people and new organisations catch the vision and purpose of 'Why the Lamb?' and run with it spreading the sweat fragrance of Christ in our community. 2011's big success story was 'World Wide Marriage Encounter'. Their Fundraising drive took them from church to church telling congregations about the Real Purpose of Easter being the "Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World". They started the season hoping to sell 225 lambs and ended up the season selling close to 1000 lambs, raising almost $1500 for WWME and another $500 for Compassion! Hallelujah! Jesus is being exalted and people are being blessed in the process. You may read their exciting Testimony and others in the Fundraising section of our Website.

Meanwhile Why The Lamb? USA had a great year in 2011, selling just over 3,300 50g lambs; much more than anticipated considering it was our first year. We would like to thank New Life Christian Bookstore in Lynchburg Virginia for being very helpful in the distribution process and also for their continued help this year's Easter season. We would also like to thank Compassion USA for their amazing support and promotional advertising that helped spread the true meaning of Easter throughout America.

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2012 Was a year of Tragedy and Victory for Why The Lamb? ... 

We were all geared up for our usual run of lambs in 2012 when tragedy struck right in the middle of our season. Jenneane's son 'Gary Lee Cornell', had a sudden fatal heart attack, on March 17th 2012, whilst singing and performing on stage with his band. Gary was only 34yrs old. As you could imagine Easter became a very difficult time for us both, dealing with our grief, arranging rememberance services, funerals etc. whilst all the time still having WTL Orders flying in the door and constant phones calls. Somehow we managed to get through it, and as usual many thousands of people were blessed and we raised close to $3400 for Compassion. Still at the end of the season we fell into a bit of a heap, being exhausted.

Please continue to pray for Jenneane. That her heart and soul and spirit will be strong and she recovers quickly. Jenneane has had a pretty tough life in regards to tragedies, as a child she lost a younger sister in an hit and run car accident, she lost her first husband to Encephalitis back in 1995 seven years before we met, she has another son who although born healthy contracted Meningitis at 3 months old and lost the use of a large portion of his brain, he is now 32 and profoundly dissabled, and still more which I can't elaborate on here. Despite all these setbacks Jenneane has beuatiful faith in the Lord and loves Him immensely. But Satan would like to destroy her Faith just as he would like to make all of us fail.

Also In December, Paul, lost his Dad, he was almost 81. He died from complications whilst in surgery to remove a skin cancer which had burrowed down through his skull into his brain. Dad had no pain whatsoever leading up to the operation and was in peace ready to meet his maker. He was and is loved by many people and had a huge influence on people throughout his life. Joe Moylan was a great man of Faith and action, a quiet achiever he was always doing some charitable work or other behind the scenes, from meals on wheels, to mentoring fatherless youth in High Schools. Dad was also a strong supporter of Why the Lamb? in the South West of WA. He was involved in the Catholic Church in Bussleton and for many many years had run there Fundraising program at Easter, spreading the gospel of Jesus whilst distributing and selling our 'Why the Lamb?' products.

Meantime Joel and Sally Moylan, our Son and daughter in law who were heading up the Why the Lamb? ministry arm in USA have had there 3rd Baby Girl on January 17th 2013 Hannah Grace Moylan. They are now back in Australia and working on Staff at YWAM in Perth,teaching and training others for the mission fields. Joel is co-running the 'Bible School for the Nations' program and will be heading off to China very soon. Sally will be continuing her midwiffery course later this year. Unfortunately our USA Arm of the business has been suspended for the time being. We'll keep you posted with any progression there!

Once again we would like to thank all of you for your ongoing custom, prayers, encouragement and zeal in proclaimimng "Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World" and declaring He is worthy to receive our praise and thanksgiving at Easter. While the world may have totally lost the plot in remembering and celebrating what Easter/Passover is all about, we together are shining Jesus' Light ever more brightly. Hallelujah! God Bless Paul and Jenneane

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2013 Steady as she goes!... 

2013 saw some degree of normalcy return to 'Why the Lamb?' although we had a smaller manufacturing run of our Lambs, we still distributed some 4500 Chocolate lambs and approx 100 books sold, we love this work and experienced a wonderful peace and joy in serving the Lord by spreading His Good Word. $2300 was raised for Compassion Australia and we actually made a small profit (although we didn't need to factor in the cost of package manufacturing as we had ample boxes in stock, that just needed a new 'best before' date stickers applied.)

Joel and Sally continue their mission work with YWAM and are currently serving in India.

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2015 A year of rest and Recuperation. 

Jenneane and I enjoyed a break in the 2015 season, mainly due to us not placing our manufacturing orders early enough for everything to be completed and ready in time for Easter.

We learnt a valuable lesson. We could have still made Chocolate Lambs, but to produce the packaging locally made the exercise so unprofitable we felt it wise not to proceed as we would place ourselves in a large debt to do so

Once again we would like to thank all of you for your ongoing custom, prayers, encouragement and zeal in proclaiming "Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World". He is worthy to receive our praise and thanksgiving at Easter. While the world may have totally lost the plot in remembering and celebrating the true meaning of Easter/Passover, we all together continuing to shine the light of "Jesus" ever more brightly. Hallelujah! God Bless, Paul and Jenneane

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