Unique Fundraising Opportunity

  • Over the past 13 years, 'Why the Lamb?' Chocolate Easter Lambs and books have proven, to be a simple yet effective way to Fundraise for school, church and community projects!

  • Not only can you Fundraise for your chosen project, but at the same time you get to - Share the Good News of Christs' Love at Easter time - Help people Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter - Raise money for Compassion Australia.

  • Since its inception 'Why the Lamb?' has raised and donated close to $19000 to the wonderful work of "Compassion Australia" which aims to reach and protect the lives of younger vulnerable children. In 2011 Our donations were instrumental in founding a New "Child Survival Program" in the Island of Sri Lanka!

  • With your help, we can spread the fragrance of Christ even further this year and facilitate the raising of even more funds for your Projects as well as blessing Compassion.!

  • If you wish to discuss your specific requirements further or speak to someone regarding Fundraising please phone our office on 08 95243822 or Email:

Fundraising Prices for 2017

  • Our 50gm Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Lambs may be purchased for Fundraising Projects for just $4.50 each. The Recommended Sale Price is $6.00 each for schools and churches and other organisations.

    Our 150gm Milk Chocolate Large Lambs will be available once again this year to purchase for Fundraising Projects for just $8.50 each. Our Recommended Sale Price is $12.00 each for schools and churches and other organisations.

    Unfortunately our very popular Illustrated Easter Children's Book 'Why the Lamb?' is out of print this year

Fundraising Testimonies Received.

    Kelmscott Church of Christ. WA.

    • A HUGE HEART FELT THANK YOU so much to Why The Lamb for helping us share The good news about Jesus with not only our own church family, we were also blessed to give away 100 Why The Lamb chocolates to the children in our community, as we had a family in the church bless our CAFE LIA (LoveInAction) Free Soup kitchen that feed 200 plus people each week on a Tuesday Night. So Thank you to Why The Lambs for helping us reach the hearts in our community with The TRUE MEANING of EASTER. Our Children's ministry have been blessed thru fundraising enough money for us to purchase sporting equipment which we desparately needed for our children. May God continue to use your Why The Lambs as a door way into the hearts of many more called to come to HIM.

    • In Christ's Service Kristy Miller Children's Co-ordinator Kelmscott Church of Christ

      St Mark's Anglican Community School. Hillarys WA.

      • Dear Paul, I am delighted to report that St Mark's, through the initiative of one Christian student, has successfully used "Why the Lamb?" as a Fundraising event for the Philippines. But most of all I'm delighted that the event has raised awareness of our students as to "Why the Lamb?" at Easter. God bless your efforts to spread the gospel message this Easter. March 2014.

      • Peta Sinclair. Executive Assistant to the Principal.

      A Testimony from Robyn Hayes and Pastor Gary Moore. Wellington Baptist Church. NSW:

      • Thank you Paul, Our post office is very good and the delivery guy who is not a Christian will receive one this week. We are thrilled to be part of your story. I was able to share the Vision God had given you all those years ago, in Church yesterday. What a challenge to others to listen and be obedient. We run a Men's Shed and have 62 men and only 8 of them know the Lord. There is about 30 men that come each week and we have had some wonderful times with them and the Lord. Slowly Slowly. Two men at difference times came up to Garry last Wed and asked him to pray for urgent family matters. One is a rough womaniser and the other a Vietnam Vet who is a heavy drinker. We are giving them a Lamb next Monday as a gift and with much prayer.

      • Exciting Stuff. God Bless, Robyn.

      World Wide Marriage Encounter.WA:

      • Simon and I were completely blown away by the response we had to our Chocolate Easter Lamb fundraising that we conducted on behalf of Worldwide Marriage Encounter this year. From hoping to be able to sell 225 lambs to finally selling just under 1000 lambs the results were a resounding success for us and we really enjoyed the experience. From first contact, right to the very last delivery 'Why The Lamb' was professional, easy to deal with and accommodated our many requests for "We need more please!!" with great generosity and good humour. Countless numbers of people told us tells us that they had been looking for something like this for years, something which reflects the true meaning behind Easter and your lambs obviously struck a cord. We are proud and humbled to have been able to play a small part in spreading the Easter message and we look forward with great excitement and anticipation to Easter 2012!! I am looking forward to 2012 and quite conservatively hoping to at least double our numbers from this year!! - Hows thats for trust!!?

      • Kind regards, Jacqueline (& Simon) Anthony .

      A Wonderful Testimony From the Sheehan Family Titled "Where is my Faith?":

      • During week one God spoke to me about bringing "Why The Lamb" to the Church, which we had just started going to. On Sunday I asked and the leadership said yes. Week two I purchased 75 Lambs, which sold out on Sunday at Service Week three I purchased another 50 Lambs which sold out on Palm Sunday Week Four I did not purchase any more Lambs, because fear of not selling. On Good Friday I was asked for more Lambs, which I could not provide and asked to start earlier next year. I ask myself now, where is my faith? Through the years God has taken me to the edge and always provided This church of such a small congregation, approx 60, could have impacted the community so much more, if I had only had faith! Could you put me on your mailing list for next year please, so I can start earlier. So many people expressed the desire not to purchase chocolate eggs and were very willing to support "Why The Lamb?".

      • Thank you, Alan Sheehan. Serpentine Church of Christ. WA.