Latest News 2017

HI there faithful believers and past clients, Firstly, let me apologise for leaving our annual catch up newsletter so late in the year. Once again, Jenneane and I have been waiting on The Lord as to whether to produce our 'Why the Lamb?' products this season or not. We have been receiving a steady flow of enquiries plus a few promptings from the Lord to get a move on. So, this letter is to inform you. YES! we will be proceeding with a small manufacturing run this year. Mainly to keep you our faithful clients happy and to continue to reach-out to the wider community of Perth, W. A. with the good news 'Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!' What we have noticed over the years, and especially over the past couple of years, is that the doors have been closing for Christian Products and Christian Witness generally. Almost all the major Chocolatier Brands have completely dropped the word 'Easter' from their products supposedly to not offend people of other Faiths. Weird Hey? since Easter has always been a Christian traditional holiday (based on the Jewish Passover) celebrating Our Lords' death and resurrection. It's interesting that these same manufacturers are not too concerned about offending the Christians of the world. But we will not be silent. Jesus is Lord! He was born of a virgin into this world! He grew in wisdom with God and man! He did go about preaching the truth, doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil! He did die on the Cross at Calvary in our place! He was buried in a tomb and after three days He arose! He Is Risen! And better still He is coming again soon! Hallelujah! Unfortunately, a large portion of people in the world do not want to hear this good news any more, rather they want to stamp out our voice, they want to stop God's voice as it brings conviction and shines the His Light on their doings. They don't want to change their ways. But we can't keep silent. We have a commission from Jesus! As you know, one way we can boldly give witness to the truth of Jesus' Love at Easter-time is by giving a Chocolate Lamb (with a simple gospel message printed on the box) to your family, friends and acquaintances. While the world is playing down and even standing against our faith in Christ and trying to stop us celebrating Easter and Christmas, they proudly and blatantly proceed with their own ungodly feasts such as Halloween, Gay Mardi Gras, Pro Abortion rally's, and so called Marriage Equality (anti traditional Marriage). While branding anyone and everyone, who speaks out for Godly principles as being politicly incorrect, homophobes, xenophobes, islamaphobes etc. Remember Jesus said: whoever acknowledges me before man I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven, and again: whoever is ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of when I come again in all my Glory. Now is the day of salvation, now is the time we can proclaim the Wonderful Name of our beautiful Saviour. Let us be bold and proud of His redeeming Love!

Why the Lamb?' Is up and running again for 2016

After taking a one season break, Jenneane and I are back in full swing producing and distributing our wonderful evangelism products again in 2016.

We have been operating for 12 years now. Those of you who have been with us through the years know our History, and we thank you so much for your continued support for our Vision of seeing 'Jesus' lifted up at Easter instead of empty meaningless novelties. If you have followed our Ministry you will know that some years we just break even financially, and other years we make a small profit, and still others we have had major losses.

The Lord has blessed us in previous years, through our other business endeavours, making it possible for us to supplement any losses we may have incurred at Why the Lamb?

We are so pleased that this year 'Why the Lamb?' is up and running again, we learnt a lesson last year that we need to place our packaging and manufacturing orders much earlier to have everything ready in time.

We are looking forward to a great year of spreading Christ's Love through the symbolism of The Lamb

God Bless Paul and Jenneane Moylan

Large Lambs Return!

With great anticipation and a little trepidation, Jenneane and I are setting out, once again, on another season of Why the Lamb? It is always a Faith Project for us, but we know Our God has never let us down yet. We are pleased to do His Kingdom work and trust He will be with us to get the job completed.

2012 saw the return of our Large 150gm Chocolate Lambs, made of the Highest Quality Cadbury Coverture, they were a big hit with chocolate connoisseurs. They sell for $12.00 each, but if you purchase 6 or more Large Lambs the price is reduced to $10.00 each. Our 50gm lambs, which are available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, can be bought for $6.00 each and once again if you buy 6 or more they the price is reduced to $5.40each. Orders may be placed Online, or by Phoning 0412 43 44 46. For Fundraising and Evangelism Projects please call our office to discuss your particular requirements with us. Please contact us before placing an Online Order, as you may be eligible for further price reductions.

Why The Lamb? USA.

God has called our Son Joel and his wife Sally Moylan, along with their children Makayla, Bethany and Hannah into full time missions work. They are working on Staff with 'Youth With A Mission' in Perth, Australia and are currently working in India proclaiming the Gospel, and doing midwifery in Hyderabad and then Calcutta. We are sorry to inform you 'Why the Lamb?' USA has ceased to operate for the time being. Why The Lamb? hopes to recommence its USA ministry in the future!!.

Instrumental in enabling Compassion Australia begin a New Program in 2011

Last year around 6500 lambs were Sold plus books, around $3400 was raised for the work of Compassion Australia. In 2011 Why the Lamb's contribution enabled Compassion Australia to Begin a new Child Survival Program in Sri Lanka (A Program designed to reach and protect the lives of younger vulnerable children, prevent premature death, secure good health, and enable positive Early Child Development). In 2012 your partnership with us enabled us to continue the work begun in Sri Lanka. We have received an update from Compassion detailing the number of Mothers and infants assisted over the last year through our joint contributions. - We'll keep you posted - Watch this space!

WTL? support Beehive Industries WA

We are pleased to be associated with Beehive Industries WA who this year were responsible for folding some 4,000 gift boxes for Why the Lamb? Beehive is a strong organisation providing a safe commmunity environment and workshop for elderly or socially isolated people to work together with purpose, respect and dignity.

Chocolate Lambs Nation Wide

Why the Lamb? has established markets throughout Australia with a number of bookstores carrying our products Nationwide. Many smaller outlets also carry our products. We are constantly expanding and we encourage and are happy to include new outlets. We have found due to melting issues the best way of getting hold of our products, outside of Western Australia, is from our Eastern States and Overseas Distributors.

Great way of fundraising!

Many Churches and Schools use our products for Fundraising. In 2008 the Catholic Church in Busselton raised over $700 towards their mission projects and The Kings College in Wellard raised a similar amount. Fundraising has a 3 fold benefit, it raises money for your project, whilst helping reclaim Easter for Christ, and also ultimately raises money for Compassion.

We are also pleased to be able to inform you the funds raised for 'Compassion Australia' will be used specifically in their "Child Survival Program" which aims to reach and protect the lives of younger vulnerable children, prevent premature death, secure good health, and enable positive early child development.

Please see our 'FUNDRAISING MENU TAB' on the Home Page for other great Fundraising testimonies and more details, how you too can Fundraise for your Projects.

WTL? Gets International Recognition

International Ministries, Pastors and Individuals continue to send their congratulations, prayers and exhortations including, Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Life team who wrote: What a wonderful idea, we can see this is from God, we will be praying for you! Hallelujah!

Expanding again...

Why the lamb? expanded yet again in 2008, now needing 2 separate Perth Chocolate Companies to keep up with demand. Fremantle Chocolate Factory have been contracted to make our smaller solid 50g lambs and Whistlers will continue making our New Large 150g Lamb's made with Hollow Spinning Moulds. All Lambs are made using Quality Swiss Coverture Chocolate.

'Why The Lamb?', Sponsors 'Impact World Tour'

During the months of February and March 2007, Impact World Tour (IWT) impacted the City of Perth and the surrounding suburbs. With over 150 team members from around the globe and a vibrant challenging message they used innovative ways, including dance, feat's of strength, BMX riders, skate boarding and more to present the gospel. We were excited and blessed to be able to support their mission financially.

For more info Check out their Website.