Book Testimonies

  • Levi Anderson McKelvie, 7 year old, from Parmelia, was given a Special Edition Children’s Book with Read Along CD by his grandmother, Veronica. When she saw him later he reflected and commented to her, Nanny you know that book you gave me, it’s a very sad story you know, Jesus dies, and you know He died for us all, But its OK Nanny, don’t be sad because He came alive again. Hallelujah! Out of the mouths of infants thou has perfected praise!

  • Trinity Cornell, at 3 years old was given one of the first books off the press from her Nanna, she continually asks for the book to be read to her, and has memorized large portions of the book. Every time she hears the name Jesus, she tells people Jesus is the Lamb of God. Now 1 and ˝ years later, at 5, she knows and tells everyone Jesus is the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world, and still thrills when she hears His Name!

  • A Mr Perry in SA was requested every night for 1 week by his 3 year old to read the Story “Why the Lamb?” to her. The best news about this is her dad was an unbeliever, but we believe not for long. Thank you Jesus.

  • Pam from Lamb Print, contacted us after seeing the Book on the Printing Press Run, she ordered a number of books for people in her church congregation, Swan Anglican Parish. She reported the minister there was incredibly impressed and remarked this book is like a miniature Bible. We agree. Glory to God!

Easter Lamb Testimonies

  • Mr and Mrs Ross and Dianne Cargill, Chemists from Brownlie Towers in Bentley, were very excited to inform us that one man who had a drug problem whom they had given an Easter Lamb too, came back asking questions and brought a Muslim friend with him. At least one of them is now a believer and in Fellowship at the salvation Army. Ross declared to us it’s a miracle! We rejoice with them too Hallelujah!

  • Hazel Pannell (As told to Jenneane Moylan): I was attending University last April just prior to Easter. There arose a discussion in the classroom about the over commercialization of Easter, another student in the class spoke out about a new product called Why the lamb? that she had been given, this other student proceeded to tell the whole class at University about the true meaning of Easter as printed on the Why the Lamb package, despite her not being a church goer herself. Apparently a friend of hers from another church had given her a "Why the Lamb?" chocolate Lamb as a gift. I was amazed that this girl although not a church goer shared the whole meaning of Easter with the class.

  • Briony Pollock: There is a skate park in our community centre where a lot of youth hang out. I often drive past there and wonder how I could approach them, befriend them and share with them the gospel message. When I first saw the Why the lamb? Chocolates I immediately thought it was a fantastic conversation starter and an awesome way to share Christ. So I went down to the skate park with a friend and began handing them out. They were curious at first, but who doesn't love chocolate! Soon a group of youth were hanging around and chatting. They enjoyed the chocolate and were left with the true knowledge of Easter. It was a fun way to meet and bless new people. I believe it is an effective evangelistic tool.

The Following Testimonies were received from YWAM, from Easter 2006 Thursday Night Evangelism Stories

  • One of my favourite highlights on that day was meeting with a girl named Georgie again. I got to know her from our past outreach in Freo. She works as a massage therapist in a public market that we used to go to. I was very excited to see her again plus I had the Easter lamb to give to her. I have shared Jesus to her before but I believe it touched her when she received the gift. She thanked me and gave me a hug. The lamb represented Jesus as a door to her closed heart.

  • I met Kristen and her 7 year old son Jonah in the markets at Freo. Kristen makes art work from her home in order to support her family. Kristen let me tell her son the story of Jesus and I got to give him a lamb. In the end we were able to encourage them and help them focus on the reason of Easter.

Fred Wilkin's Team:

  • Fred and Tamak found that the Easter lambs were a great door opener when talking to a Asian shop owner in Mt Lawley we are continuing the relationship.

Steve Schmale's Team:

  • One lady I gave a chocolate lamb to worked as a janitor in the food court cleaning tables. When I approached her and gave her a lamb she seemed shocked that I had noticed her. She gave me a huge hug and told me that I had made her night! She was working so I was unable to talk to her further about Jesus. I was able to show her love by noticing her and giving her the small gift. It put a huge smile on her face.

  • Another group was able to talk with an entire family in a food court area. They were going through with the chocolate lambs which initiated conversation. They were able to share about the Lord and missions. Sharing about all what the Lord is doing in Perth the church and in the city. They were just able to have a good time hanging out with the family because of the open door that the lamb gave them.

Adrian Stoltzfiis Team:

  • My friend and I presented one of the Easter lambs to a man waiting at the train station. He gratefully took is as a he explained he was just on his way to visit his son in the hospital. It was a perfect opportunity for us to pray for him and his son and share what the message of the lamb was about.

  • We met a lady outside of Woolworth’s and gave her a lamb. After taking with her for awhile we discovered she had some extreme beliefs. This including worshiping nature etc. Before that she shared about the fact that she had been baptized awhile ago. She shared about having a good experience being baptized and how she felt afterwards. We were able to involve the lamb by explaining that Jesus was the lamb and his blood makes us clean. That Jesus is the one who makes things new and clean.